My January Fun Study Materials


On JALUP's website there is a series where you share what materials you've been using during the past month. I thought it was a fun idea and decided to answer them here. 

1. What are you watching?

I've been watching しろくまカフェ (Panda cafe), and I really enjoy it! It has talking animals going through mundane life. Slice-of-life genre with a lot of jokes. The characters are funny and the show is light-hearted. The Japanese used in the show is very basic and I can understand a lot of the words and sentence structure. Each episode is cut into 3 parts so the stories are short and easy to follow. There's also a lot of puns!They also talk very slow compared to other anime. This is a great show for beginners, and come on... cute talking animals! 

I've also been watching アムネシア (Amnesia) which is based on an 乙女 (otome) game. The show is really confusing, and would make more sense if you've played the game. It deals with a girl loosing her memory and every time she wakes up  she finds that things have changed, and time rewinds. Unknown to her she is constantly thrown into different dimensions where she has different relationships with the people around her. Every time she gets into an accident she wakes up in a new dimension. It's not my kind of anime, but I am watching to support the 乙女 industry. 

2.What are you listening to?

I'm still listening to my Hakuouki drama CDs. Every time I think I've picked up all I can understand from them I pick up another word. Little by little I'm understanding the plots a lot more. 
I still listen to Shukan Soine, but I listen to them as I fall asleep. So I'm not picking up much since I'm sleeping through them. I should try and listen to them during the day...

3. What are you playing?

I'm still playing Hakuouki since there's many story lines. When I notice a phrase I write them down in my memo so I can practice. This game is heart-wrenching though. I've had to stop playing many times. For days! It has given birth to the phrase「エモ―ショナル切腹」(emotional seppuku)


4.What are you reading?

My first #hakuouki #manga ! Have no idea what volume this is though >_<I stopped reading 彩雲国(Saiunkoku), even though I was half way through it, and started reading Hakuouki. I think it's best to let yourself read what you'd like to instead of forcing yourself to finish another. It's not that I don't like Saiunkoku anymore, it's just that at the moment another series has my interest. 

So that's what I've been using for my fun materials. I hope it was interesting and helpful. Let me know what you've been using! 

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